Valid from 2-oct-2021

1) Privacy policy:

All rights reserved. The food menus, photographs, ideas and concepts are owned by Aadhi Jevan. Unauthorised Copying, duplication is strictly prohibited.

2) Terms and conditions:

A] All orders should be given in the specified time frame, which is before 10am for lunch and before 3.30pm for dinner. ₹30/-service charge per order for lunch ordered between 10am to 1pm and, dinner ordered between 3.30pm to 6.30pm.

B] Monthly membership should be confirmed with full name, contact number, address, email and advance payment for the full month.

3] Payments can be made by cash or Google pay, or phone pay or scanning the QR code or by net banking for fund transfer.

4] Meal calculation for monthly membership is done as per the actual consumption and not typically by the fixed calendar days.

5] The food is prepared and cooked in most safe and hygienic conditions. The taste is always kept standard, medium spicy suitable to all age groups. If you have any taste specific requirements, then please specify your taste preference, menu or other details clearly.

6] The food is cooked fresh and packed properly. It should be consumed immediately. Do not store it for a long time to be eaten later. Please understand that the food is best when eaten fresh so order accordingly.

3] Cancellation and refund policy:

Any customer who wishes to cancel the order should inform the kitchen team on 9764626464 well in advance in the official order time only. If informed late, the customer will have to bear 50% to 100% cancellation charge depending upon the process of preparation and packaging stage.

Monthly members who have any left over unconsumed meals in the schedule can inform well on advance and can get their meal count adjusted further orders.

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