Click on Scan to perform a proper scanning of all the outdated missing drivers. Now, choose the Recovery button present in the left pane of the window and then go for the Restart Now option present under the tab of Advanced Startup. This will lead you to the Windows Recovery Environment.

  • That’s why we suggest that gtx 1050 ti max-q you upgrade Driver Fix to Professional Version.
  • And manufacturers rarely post updated drivers on their website for non-flagship products.
  • As a side note I always recommend you update your GPU drivers using the official installer, programs like GeForce Experience can cause issues when updating drivers.
  • It’s a straightforward and comprehensive way to manage your drivers, configure dual GPUs, and handle other GPU-related tasks.

After you’ve downloaded the driver, you need to restart your computer to let Windows complete the process. After uninstalling the Nvidia drivers, you can verify the remaining versions of the software on your PC. You may need to try several different versions before finding the right one. The results will vary depending on the operating system and the number of updates installed on your PC. If you have more than one ATI driver installed, then a window will ask you to select which driver to uninstall. In this example, both drivers are installed for a single Radeon 9700 Pro video card.

Download, Install and Update AMD Driver on Windows 10 PC

DDU is probably an overkill for most users, but sometimes the nuclear option is the easiest. The Factory Reset option should be selected by default. The only thing left to do is click through the rest of the wizard and wait for the process to finish. In short, Device Manager is good for removing drivers and reverting to older ones, but it’s poor for installation.

Sometimes, developers release WIP builds to the public for testing to flush out any problems that bypass the internal testing. To find the best drivers for your computer, you should also take a look at the Microsoft Drivers Download Center. Expand the section related to the driver you want to update. Besides, you can install and use DriverFix without worrying about safety because this solution is certainly secure and will actually enhance your PC performance.

Should I Uninstall Integrated Graphics Driver?

You’ll need to know the model of your graphics cards and the version of Windows to perform the installation. To do this, go to the NVIDIA website and click on the ‘Express’ option. The installer will ask you to specify the OS version and type in the model of your graphics card. After this, the installation wizard will install the new driver. If your graphics card is not compatible with the latest driver, you can use the ‘Express’ option to roll back the driver.

You can also double-click it to open it in your system’s task manager. Once you’ve found it, delete it from the Windows Registry by deleting the relevant keys. Then, restart your PC to ensure that the uninstalled files are gone. If you have a corrupted registry, you can always re-install the NVIDIA drivers from the NVIDIA official download site. You may have noticed that your computer uses a lot of space.

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